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Self-Guided tours are the Future!!!

Fortunately, the world has been open for a while after Corona and now we can go on a journey of discovery in the open air. For a tourist region like the Algarve in Portugal, it is a challenge to discover new cultures. The Algarve is known for its beaches, its sea and its sun, but there is also a world to discover in its beautiful towns and villages.

Architecture is one of the ways to explore and discover a new environment. Several architectural movements are put in the spotlight, with special attention to post-war architects and their optimism that nowadays could be useful again.

The PocketSights App has a number of Self-Guided tours across the Algarve where, in addition to this optimism, you can also discover local and more traditional architecture. Download the App at and try it yourself.

Self-guided tours can be just as engaging and individual as guided tours. At your own pace and without delays and interruptions from fellow tour followers, you can relax and view the architectural attractions in your own sequence. Be informed by the text, which you can read by yourself, but also have read  on your mobile in your own (translated) language. It is just a matter of setting it up on your iPhone (via accessibility and spoken material) and other mobile devices.

Stroll quietly with your headphones on and discover new architecture. Listen to the read  text or to the audio messages that sometimes accompany the projects or watch the videos. You will have enough information to make  a self-guided tour your top architectural experience of a new city.

What is a self-guided tour?

Without the need for a tour guide, you can enjoy the freedom of a Self-Guided tour, which allows you to discover new neighbourhoods or landmarks at your own pace. A Self-Guided trip can be a memorable experience for one individual, a couple, or a group of friends. Self-Guided tours can be as engaging as a tour with a guide.


On a standard guided tour, everything you do and see is predetermined by the route and your guide. Self-Guided tours offer visitors more freedom to determine their own sequence.

This allows you to deviate from the path and explore the area in your own way, for example by "turning onto that interesting street just around the corner". Your energy level determines how far you go. Self-Guided tours are ideal if you want to discover the world and do not want to be too conditioned and travel in a large group. No pressure to stay close to the tour leader not to miss a word. You determine the order, the pace and when it is time for a cup of coffee, but…...don’t forget the “cup of coffee for the digital tour guide”.

Benefits of self-guided tours

Go wherever and whenever you want. On a Self-Guided tour, you can skip sites that you are not interested in. Select only the places that really interest you to make the most benefit of your time.

Take advantage of ArchiTourAlgarve Self-Guided tours at your own pace to learn more about the rich architectural history of the Algarve's most important places.

Be your own guide and don't let anyone rush you; you can stop to look at the details that you are interested in.

It is healthy

Especially after the coronavirus epidemic, it is important to keep moving in our daily lives and with a Self-Guided tour you can avoid large groups if you wish. It is a great option for those who want to get out and have fun without having to interact with others. Walking is not only excellent exercise, but it also helps strengthen the immune system and improve your mood.

Saving costs

The costs of a cup of coffee for your digital guide are manageable. You won’t be a victim of tourist traps when you act as your own tour guide. It is also the best way to find out where you can really eat local food and to mingle with the locals.

Sense of satisfaction

A guided tour is similar to viewing an exhibition from outside, while a Self Guided tour gives you the feeling that you are really observing the architecture and your own personal experience is the goal. It is satisfying to be able to go your own way.


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