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Videos about architecture in various cities of the Algarve.

Modernist Architecture & More - Praia/Ilha de Faro. Including projects of architect Manuel Gomes da Costa

Teaser episode of "Visita Guiada" on RTP-2 about Cubism in Olhão and Modernism in Faro. See episode 15 here 

Tours about Modern Architecture in Olhão:

Opening Architecture Photo-Exhibition "Modernism in Olhão"

Modernist Tour in Faro

Looking for some projects of the architect Manuel Gomes da Costa at Vila Real de Santo António

"Cubist Architecture" - Rooftops in Olhão

Anna Moura with the song "Andorinhas"

recorded on the roofs of Bairro de Pescadores - designed by architect Inácio Peres Fernandes (1910-1989) in 1945 - and on the roof of the former hotel Siroco in Olhão

Video about Fábrica da Cerveja - Faro - during: 7e Algarve Design Meeting

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