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Architecture Discovery Tour Algarve is the site of Will Köhlen, who worked in the Netherlands as an Architecture & Urban planning consultant before moving to Portugal.
In Mozambique (former Portuguese colony) he worked as an architect for the Council of Churches in Mozambique from 1986 to 1990. Here he learned  to know and admire the work of the Portuguese 'modernist' architect (educated in South Africa) Amâncio d'Alpoim Miranda "Pancho" Guedes (1925 – 2015).

In Maastricht he was affiliated with TOPOS - Architecture Center Maastricht, where he was responsible for the communication, social media and the website. In addition to contributing to various publications about Architecture in Maastricht and organizing Architectural Tours, he was for many years involved in the "Art Tour Maastricht" where he took care of the "Architecture Program".


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In the Algarve he is involved in architectural projects. As co-organizer of a number of photo exhibitions on "Modernist Architecture" in Tavira & Olhão and setting up Architectural Tours in Olhão, Faro, Tavira and VRSA. To share his material collected over the years with "Portugal Lovers" who are interested in the (Modern) Architecture in the Algarve, he has set up this site.

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