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With this user-friendly Mobile Tour Guide App from PocketSights you can experience our Self-Guided Fuseta walking tour for your Mobile Phone. Just download the free PocketSights Tour Guide App on your Mobile Phone and start discovering all the interesting projects from our  Architecture Self-Guided Tour in Fuseta with just the Mobile Phone in your hand. 
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Fuzeta: A Unique Fishing Village

The current thesis is about the urban and architectonical evolution of the maritime village of Fuzeta, in Algarve (Portugal). Founded by fishermen, this village stands out by its regular urbanism and a housing typology relatively uniform with unknown origins, different from the rest of Algarve’s urban settlements.


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Dissertation (Port.) about the urban and architectural Evoluaion of Fuseta to obtaining the Master's Degree in Architecture by Mafalda Batista Pinheiro Pacheco 


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Erudite vaults by anonymous builders: The vaulted houses of Fuzeta (Eng/Nld.)

This article characterizes, analyzes and compares the types of brick vaulted houses in Fuzeta. The research conducted indicates that these anonymous constructions were nourished by an erudite source, the Church of Nossa Senhora do Carmo, which was built at the same time and the builders shared the knowledge, blurring the boundaries between vernacular and erudite.


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Video trailer & Video episode "Visita Guidada" about vaults in the houses of Fuseta

Video of the trailer with subtitles (Eng.) & Video of episode of Visita Guiada: Vaults/Abóbadas (in Port.) in homes in Fuseta.

Watch the trailer

Click here for the episode of Visita Guiada 

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