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Casa Amor

Project: Casa Amor - all foto's Copyright © Casa Amor & SENA Architects
Adress: Rua dr. Miguel Bombarda  
Architect: SENA Architects 

Listen to the spoken text here

​​About the project: Under Construction (2022)


Building in Urban / Casa Nobre style (1000 m2) of two floors with set back. Former guest house "Helena" (2e floor) with retail and business spaces on ground floor.

Now being converted into a boutique hotel (floor and roof) with a restaurant, patisserie and art gallery (ground floor). On the roof an (hotel) apartment, sun terrace with a view and a swimming pool. On the ground floor at the back corner a large patio with arcade and olive tree in the center on the site of the former garage (see drawing). Opening summer 2023.



Abobada building (with vaults). The (ugly) tiles on the outside have been replaced by stucco. Totally renovated with 'larger' spaces (see floor plans existing/new. Renovation sometimes in traditional materials (window frames / doors and balconies) and the new construction on the roof in 'Light Metal' system. Specially designed new wooden front door and fittings/furniture specially made/designed for boutique hotel Casa Amor.

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