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The Salt house

Project: The Salt House
Adress: Rua Luis de Camões.     
Architect: Sena Architects - all foto's Copyright
© Sena Architects


About the project:

The Salt House is a rehabilitation of an excisting, about 120 years old, building in the second oldest neighborhood in the city,  Bairro dos Sete Cotovelos.


In this specific case, the objective was to recover the traditional features of a dwelling that over time became completely uncharacterized, with the application of tiles. Each type of tile corresponding to a floor and a glazed extensions that destroied most of its architectural character.


The main purpose of this renovation was to bring back, as much as possible, the original features. As can be seen in the photographs above the building was completely restored from the outside. The upper floor gave rise to the roof terrace, and opening of three spans allowed more light to enter. The tiles were removed and application took place of white lime, stone masonry and wooden window frames. Inside, the house was completely renovated, allowing for wider spaces. The program is divided into two floors. The ground floor has a common area with kitchen and living room. The upper floors a bedroom, sanitary installation and a roof terrace.

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