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Petit Village

Project: Petit Village
Adress: Rua Padre Antonio Trindade /Traverse da Trindade      
Architect: Saudade Architects


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About the project:

This project was set up as a kind of urban renewal project to give a new residential function to a fallen down corner in the center of the city. These charming (sale) apartments, which look like small houses, are the result of a collaboration between Saudade (architects) and Imoart. It is an attempt to create a residential complex with the appearance in a traditional Algarven style using modern materials  so called Light Metal Structure system.


The structure consists of aluminum profiles that are clad in a kind of half-timbered construction on the inside with plasterboard and on the outside with plywood and an insulation board. The whole is then plastered with a special thin plaster layer that is reinforced in some places with a plastic mesh. The finish with window frames is traditionally made of natural stone, just like the wooden doors and window frames. The houses have a roof terrace and a block-shaped chimney, which is characteristic for the architecture of Olhão.


If you tap lightly on the stucco you can hear the hollow sound which indicates that there are insulation plates behind it and not bricks.

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