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O Convento

Project: O Convento - all foto's Copyright © O Convento & Filipe Montiero
Adress: Traverse Antonio Bento 10    
Architect: Filipe Monteiro


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About the project:

O Convento is hidden at the end of a narrow lane in the coastal town of Olhão – very close to the promenade and the local markets. This B&B looks quite inconspicuous from the outside, which makes the surprise all the greater when you step inside! The entrance area leads into an inner courtyard with colonnades, tiled floors and a fountain at the centre. It extends over two floors and opens up to the sky (it can be closed in winter). The architecture and the quiet ambience will remind you a li!le of a monastery, but the building has a di"erent history. It used to be a dormitory for women who worked in the fishing industry. During the renovation process, the exterior façade was largely left as it was, and the remodelling took place inside.


The inner courtyard was inspired by the Moorish style, which also characterizes the surrounding old town of Olhão. The former dormitories grouped around the courtyard were transformed into guest rooms. Both the floor space and the height of the rooms are very generous. The predominantly white rooms are partly furnished with antique furniture and have spacious marble bathrooms. The two rooms on the second floor can be reached via a narrow spiral staircase. On this level you will find also the roof garden with several terraces and a pool. The view extends over the roofs of the city and across the lagoon to the o"shore islands. Breakfast is served in the common room on the ground floor. Here, guests are spoiled with local delicacies and freshly baked pastries served at a long communal table.

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