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Marmelade House

Project: Marmelade House
Adress: Rua 31 de Janeiro 28.      
Architect: Sena Architects - all foto's Copyright © Sena Architects


About the project:

The first project by Sena Architects was The Marmelade House, in Olhão in 2014.  Located in the most typical neighborhood of the city, Bairro da Barreta, with the purpose of being a rental vacation home. This project was a rehabilitation of a pre-existing building, which would have been about 150-200 years old. Made with materials of the time, stone, lime and vaulted brick ceilings. The proposal was to maintain as much as possible of the existing building, respecting the traditional architecture and the area in which it is located, as it is located in a historic and quite typical area of the city.


“There is a strong Moorish influence in the town and many of the houses like this are composed of a ground floor, first floor and a flat roof, called an ‘açoteia, originally used for drying almonds and figs ” 

The area of ​​Olhão is characterized by a architecture of Cubist buildings. This is one of those examples, with a simple facade, with stonework and a "platibanda". During the process many historical details were discovered. The option of keeping them exposed was therefore taken (Sena) The objective of this project was to respect as much as possible the traditional traits and, if possible, bring them back. The materials used were local and traditional, including the use of lime, which nowadays is in disusion. It remains one of the most typical buildings of Olhão with typical Santa Catarina tiles on the floor of the roof terrace.

The program is divided into two floors. On the ground floor is the bedroom, maintaining its original location. Allowing it to be cool in hot summer days. The vaulted tiled roof was renovated, and sanitary installations were added. On the upper floor are the kitchen and a living room. A wall with exposed stone was rehabilitated and on the roof terrace was a pergola installed.

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