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Casa Pires

Project: Casa Pires
Adress: Rua Teófilo Braga 
Architect: Sena Architects - all foto's Copyright © Sena Architects

Listen to the spoken text here

About the project: Under Construction (2022)
One of the first houses built of stone and lime existed in Olhão from 1715 onwards. Perhaps the building, was one of the first Mansion Houses in Olhão.  The sign on the house with the date 1848 merely refers to an extensive renovation in that year.

Casa Pires is an "Urban" larger historic building consisting of two floors + new construction on top with various shops on the ground floor and two apartments above. Continuing balconies on the first floor with beautiful ironwork. Clothing store 'Pires' was previously located here.
Romy & Markus Brändli and Dieter Zwicky have set themselves the goal of renovating the broken-down old house they  bought in a way that it will regain the dignity of its old days. The renovation work is still in progress.

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