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Casa dos Gelados

Project: Casa dos Gelados
Adress: Rua das Ferrarias  
Architect: SENA Architects 
- all foto's Copyright © Sena Architects

About the project:

The collective Sena Architects has completed the rehabilitation of a house in the center of Olhão, Algarve. The use of natural materials, worked by local artisans, is one of the highlights of this project.

Area: 160m²

Type: Rehabilitation

Location: Olhão

Completion date: 2021 


Casa dos Gelados is a renovation, expansion and interior design project of a building dating from 1920 and located in the historic center of Olhão, Portugal. It is a project intensely focused on the use of natural, local materials, crafted by local artisans but with contemporary design.

As the building has already undergone some changes in the past, this intervention aimed to restore the spatial and architectural identity, as well as the quality, taking advantage of the type of construction, the versatility of its volumes and the interior organization.

The project also took advantage of some pre-existing elements, such as the existing garage, something very coveted in the center of this fishing village, due to the scarcity of parking.

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