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Casa Delgado

Project: Casa Delgado
Adress: Rua Luis de Camões/Traverse Luis de Camoęs
Architect: Sena Architects- all foto's Copyright
© Sena Architects

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About the project: Under Construction (2022)

Casa Delgado is an expansion and rehabilitation project of an existing 2-storey building, intended for housing. It is located in the center of Olhão and is located in a corner, bordering Rua Doutor António Baptista Delgado, Rua Luís de Camões and Travessa Luís de Camões, a building that dates from the end of the 19th century, witnessed by its historical characteristics, such as the vaults, the stone and lime walls, the use of stucco and plasterwork and the decorative elements present on the façade.


The original building is in a high state of degradation and in complete disrepair, being at risk of collapse, due to a major fire that occurred in the past. To overcome this situation and “save” the building, the main premise was to see and treat it as a whole, introducing a new supporting structure, in order to restore stability to the existing one, before any possible alteration or expansion.


As for the facades of the building, the intention was maintained to rehabilitate the existing ones, when possible, only giving way to the opening of new openings, rhythmically proportional to those present and in order to allow more natural light to enter, improving their interior experience.

Entering Casa Delgado through its main entrance, from Rua Luís de Camões, we find the imposing hall, designed by its long barrel vault, which leads us to a distribution area for the three bedrooms on this floor. Here it was intended to maintain the original configuration of the building in order to save the existing vaults. Each room works as a suite, with a sanitary installation and an individual closet area. There is also a storage area and a garage on this floor, something very coveted in the city of Olhão, given their scarcity.


The 2nd Floor, which is in complete disrepair after being ravaged by fire, will be completely remodeled, with the sole aim of saving its facades, which were kept in good condition. This will be the floor with the most experience in the house, where we can find an open space area, which houses a living room, a kitchen, a sanitary service and an outdoor patio with a swimming pool.


The kitchen is designed as a functional module of this floor, presenting itself in the form of a “box” where all the circulation develops around it. It also gives rise to a large island that separates the living area and the dining area.


Continuing towards the courtyard, we find three large arches that mark the entire area, giving this interior façade an imposing design and leading us to the three exterior areas. Here we can find a small outdoor kitchen, with a living area and a living area and a swimming pool with jacuzzi, which is marked by the openings, eventually being integrated into the main facade, becoming part of it and being visible from the outside. 

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