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Casa Barreta

Project: Casa Barreta
Adress: Rua 31 do Janeiro 
Architect: SENA Architects 
- all foto's Copyright © Sena Architects

About the project:

Situated in the oldest street in Olhão, Casa Barreta is a typical "fishermen’s" cottage that has been organically rebuilt and expanded for over 150 years. During the 70’s it was once more subject to alterations, the top floor expanded and most of the traditional and original features were covered or removed as the aesthetical concept of that era considered “old” to be “ugly”. 50 years later we intend to revert the “modernization” of the 70’s, cleaning up the facades and removing all the materials once used to hide the original structures. Windows that were once covered will be reopened, added internal divisions will be removed, stairs will rearrange and spaces will be widened. By opening up the facade as much as possible to the exterior we bring in light and air, hugely improving the living quality to a property that was once composed of multiple indoor rooms with no access to windows.


As the House is enclosed in Historical area of Olhão, the materials used in the reconstruction are carefully chosen and obey to similar standards as listed buildings. Therefore all windows and doors are of solid wood, all wall renders are limestone, all pavements are traditional terracotta and all stones are local. The vast majority of the materials is local and produced by hand, an effort undertaken by not only the will to restore this building to its original form but also to feed the industry that still supply us with this precious materials.

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