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Casa Artistica - Artist Center

Project: Artist/Cultural Center - all foto's Copyright © Casa Artistica
Adress: Rua de Lavadeiras


Listen to the spoken text here

About the project:

Building in Eclectico / Romantico style in two floors. Former house & company building of the Italian COCCO family who owned in the canning factory. Converted by the new owner - the Parisian ballerina Alexandra Gonin - into a "Cultural Center" for exhibitions, ballet lessons, workshops & more.


Refurbished & renovated by the new owner together with friends, while retaining as many original details as possible. The wooden windows (sometimes double windows with balcony) with the beautiful subdivision have been restored as much as possible to their original state and with the natural stone frames. Alternating wooden and steel doors underline the “industrial” character of the building. Beautiful texts in relief letters "Casa Artistica & Conservas de Artes". Platibandas with decorative decorations and white stucco walls with natural stone corner for protection & decoration. French balconies and arched door frames. Very spacious roof terrace with sun cover.

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